• My name is Theodore Harper Edison III. Most folks just call me THE Rooster

  • My name is Granny. I run the local newspaper in town. I call it Granny’s Sleepy Hollow Rooster

  • Sit a spell! Relax and be a part of our little town. Sleepy Hollow, USA

Welcome to Granny's Sleepy Hollow Rooster

Granny's Sleepy Hollow Rooster is a fun, entertaining satire of life in a little town called Sleepy Hollow, USA. Follow Granny, THE Rooster, various people of the town and a prominent family clan called The Newtons.

Enjoy small town life, adventures and the humorous way we sometimes magnify a problem to bring attention to our importance in the community.

Granny's Sleepy Hollow Rooster mixes the delight of Sleepy Hollow with a pinch of reality from your real town. Find local restaurants. Find local business in the Who Has It - Who Does It section. Get out of the house and enjoy travel ideas in the Out & About pages plus visit the Games & Puzzle pages so the kids have something to do in the car. Read an inspiring sermon in the Religion section. See how talented your neighbors are by reading their submitted short stories, poems and anecdotes in the Talent Scout pages.

You can also escape the reality of your town by visiting the pages of the town of Sleepy Hollow. Read the Feature Story about the Newton clan. Read about what's happening in Sleepy Hollow by following the Hollow News. See what Granny has to say in her Wits & Wisdoms pages. Get recipes and tips on cooking in the Foodies section.

There is certainly something within the pages of Granny's Sleepy Hollow Rooster magazine or www.sleepyhollowrooster.com that will keep you entertained and laughing for a few hours of the day.

Granny's Sleepy Hollow Rooster website is completely FREE to enjoy! Start at the left and hover your mouse over the house then click on Magazine.

Soon you will also be able to purchase stories, recipes, Hollow news stories, funny pages and more real soon. Keep checking.

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